Utomaru × Tomenosuke's Impaled Woman from Cannibal Holocaust Figure Update!

Inspired by the 1980 Italian "found footage" film Cannibal Holocaust, known for graphically telling the horrible fate that befell an American film crew making a documentary about Amazonian cannibal tribes, this pictured piece is a cartoonish rendition of one of the film's most controversial moments. As such, even though it is highly stylized and not realistic, we do suggest that younger readers do not continue perusing this post.
Designed by Japanese artist Utomaru, it is her "inspired by" depiction of a scene from the film that showed a woman having been impaled. Originally created by her as an illustration to celebrate the 2015 opening of Eli Roth's The Green Inferno in Japan, which was itself a homage to the 1980 cannibal classic, Utomaru's rendition caught the attention of Tomenosuke's Shinji Nakako, who approached her about evolving the design into what would be her first original soft vinyl figure. Pictured above is a teaser for the nearly finished piece, an actual test pull of the finished work that has been colored to match Utomaru's original illustration's colorations. But, please note, this isn't the planned appearance of the final piece, though it does give us a glimpse of what the figure will look like.
If you recall our previous teaser and the digital colored mock-up we revealed, this base figure itself might even look slightly different than the one shown. In the interim, as the factory began work on it, an obvious problem with fitting the stake through the impaled woman became evident. Sculptor Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy attempted to fix the problem with several simple tweaks, but it was ultimately resolved when Utomaru suggested simply opening the mouth wider to accommodate the piece's second element. Hopefully still set to be released this summer, we'll of course keep you updated as we learn more!

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