UME Toys's Batman-like "Hero GeekWok" Coming Friday!

In the mid-1980s, Tina Turner proclaimed that "We Don't Need Another Hero" shortly after Bonnie Tyler stated that she was "Holding Out for a Hero". Well, ladies, this little chap will satisfy you both! The previously teased "Hero GeekWok" from Rich "UME Toys" Page might look like a caped crusader at quick glance, but once you notice that his costume is a towel for a cape and his mask is a pair of swimming goggles then you might question his abilities. Is he a hero? Is he not? Is he a bit of both? We're going with the last one, as he'll definitely stand diligently looking over your collection but probably not a whole lot else. This ultra-cute hand-painted resin rendition of one of our furry friends from Endor stands roughly 3-inches tall and will be limited to an edition of 10 pieces, all available on Friday, June 16th, 2017 at 1pm Pacific time in the UME Toys online shop for £35 (approx. $45) apiece.

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