Stickymonger at Woot Bear on June 17th!!

Woot Bear is hosting a new, month long show with Stickymonger which opens on June 17th, and it promises to be hip and colorful! Stickymonger, normally based in New York, will be at the opening in person! For San Francisco locals this is a real treat since it's not often that artists show up on opposite coasts!
Stickymonger's art style is often dreamy, retro, edgy, and slyly coquettish. I feel like I often see a touch of sadness too, but the ambiguous nature of the expressions is part of the charm. You the viewer can explore how you feel! If you're in the area, make sure to stop by at 6 pm this coming Friday, meet Stickymonger, and pick up a piece! Else, check the Woot Bear online shop immediately after for any pieces that are available!

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