Spotlight: Fer MG's custom Skullheads!

Just recently, Spanish based artist, Fer MG completed 3 custom Skullhead pieces - and although they are already SOLD OUT - we had to share with you all this rad work! These 3 customs based on two Huck Gee’s platforms, one 7" Skullhead blank and two 4" Skullhead Soul Collectors. The three customs have the “led touch” of many of his pieces, with led eyes (on/off button at the back of head) and also have other characteristic of many of his pieces, two halves with different looks... and all having a rad cyborg feel! The two 4" pieces have a robot-samurai look with an exposed skull on the half of the head and the 7" inch piece has a robot look as well as a nod to the "Flayed" Kaws Companion! Such fun work and if you are interested in getting a custom from Fer MG for your own personal collection, drop him a line via fer.mg.studio@gmail.com or hit up his site HERE - keep up the great work, dude!

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