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Skinner x Poposition Press - A Skinner'centric popup book in the works?!?!

Just yesterday, Rosston Meyer - the mastermind behind Poposition Press - posted an image of a rad background, a cave of sorts, and one that got our attention instantly as it really looked like the artwork of Skinner. Rosston mentioned "Background for a new book I'm working on. This one will have all new artwork created from scratch, which is new for me as up until now I've used existing artwork to base the pop ups on. It's a lot of work either way." - after leaving a comment about how it looked like Skinners work, he sent over some info confirming this... and not only did he confirm it, but he sent over the pictures in this post... a first look exclusive, if you will! Slated to launch hopefully by the end of next month (July, 2017), like mentioned above, this popup book is being built from scratch with it becoming a popup book in mind... rather then taking existing artwork and formatting it into the popup format! We are really excited for this because with Skinners rad art and imagination, you know he's gonna push the limits on this book... and it will be wicked! More on the release soon!

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