Scott Tolleson x Skybound - SDCC 2017 exclusive "Skybound Minis" announced!

Skybound has teamed up with Scott Tolleson once again to continue to push the line of 3” blind box figures... and this year, we are getting an exclusive look at a complete series, introducing the "Skybound Minis". Scott has been working on developing vinyl figures with Skybound since 2014 - and we have seen 3" mini's as well as some 8" larger scale figure released in the past (check em out HERE) - but now... we are getting a full mini series... and hot damn do they look good! The Skybound Minis feature characters from across Skybound’s vast catalog of comic titles including: The Walking Dead, Invincible, Outcast, Horizon, Manifest Destiny, Birthright and Science Dog. And just check out the cast of characters below...

With each purchase, you have a crack at: Rick (1/20), Invincible (2/20), Negan (1/20), Andrea (1/20), Zhia (???), Conquest (1/20), Zombie Punk (1/20), Science Dog (1/20), Kyle (2/20), Sacagawea (1/20), Robot (2/20), Mikey (1/20), Blue Suit Invincible (???), Evil Robot (1/20)... along with some mystery figures! Each blind box figure will be just $10 and will first be up for grabs at the Skybound booth during SDCC 2017 - how rad! Oh... and according to Skybound, there will be some gold chase figures mixed into the series as well! Hopefully as the date draws closer, we can show off some product shots with you all! We know that we will be grabbing up some blind boxes during the con... see you there!

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