Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica's SUPAROBO series continues to grow!!!

The boys over at Rotobox have kept to themselves as of recently, but not because they haven't had anything to share... but because they have been SUPER busy creating a ton of immaculate production like customs! For their most recent SUPAROBO Series, they created a whole bunch of one-offs as well as small runs... all for the upcoming Philippine Toycon (June 30 to July 2)! Custom bots galore all based on Super Robo anime... these guys really know how to make customs!

VOLTES V KOGANE (gold metal) version, this is a one-off and it is made of vinyl, Rotobox will be releasing a resin version of this with a different color variation within the year (edition of 10), and there's also some backstory for this figure, they wrote: "To commemorate the 40th anniversary of our beloved super robot, we give you the 1 of 1 こがね (kogane) gold metallic version voltes v. this figure has a lot of story to tell, this is the master prototype we made back in 2012 that has been to HK and China for a planned mini production run, which, unfortunately, didn't made it due to complications. This is also the figure that some local (manila) sellers try to imitate and sell them as if it was their own design (jerry i think was the name lol) so happy that we finally finished it." So crazy... I guess great design and execution is very prone to people wanting to rip you off! Oh... and yes, the entire piece breaks apart into separate vehicles... AMAZING!

Check out the UFO Robot Grendizer... this is a beast of a figure... and pictured above is a custom commissioned piece - good news though, this will be cast and released as a 10 piece production run... so cool! We love the horns on this one... so slick looking and how about those helmet spikes - YES!

Lastly... A custom made Spiderman series on their very own Celsius platform! These were all commissioned pieces, so they are not for sale, but we just had to share because they are SOOOO clean! Their style and production quality is truly unmatched... we are stoked to see them continuing to make figures!

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