Rick Strohmeyer MEGA MUNNY live painting event at Mothership Gallery!

Rick Strohmeyer aka Ricstroh, a surrealist, printmaker, graphic designer and licensed Art teacher... shares with us some of his awesome custom creations, and wow... how cool do these look?!?! Originally from Texas, he moved to Minnesota in 2009, where he discovered DIY vinyl toys. His works are on public display across the Twin Cities and in private collections around the world. This June, Rick will be featured at the Mothership Gallery in Philadelphia, PA for a painting exhibition on June 24th. He will be painting a Mega Munny that will be raffled off at the end of the day. Tickets will also be available HERE online for those unable to attend the exhibition in person, but who still want a chance to win. Other art and merchandise will be available to purchase at the Mothership Gallery the day of exhibition.

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