"Insecticide" sculpt reveal from Brent Nolasco!!!

Is it just us, or is your skin starting to itch as well... there must be insects around, and from the looks of it, they are GIANT! New from artist Brent Nolasco, "Insecticide"! This is a "rebirth" figure by using Brent's platform figure "The Eliminator" (posted HERE). Some parts were kept and others were reformed to something new. Insecticide makes it's debut appearance in The Dark Desendents line with ease... even though Doomsday is still to come, The Insecticide gives hope to the future in a time of darkness and despair. Insecticide is a 6 part resin pull figure that is 6.5" tall, cast by Taskone (WeAreNotToys) and the first colorway will release next week! More on the actual release very soon... until then, enjoy the pics!

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