INDIE TOYS AR II - "The Cult of Skeletor"!!!

César Zanardi sends word about a new local toys Group Show launching in Buenos Aires... and this time, INDIE TOYS AR will be "The Cult of Skeletor" edition, a tribute to one of the most iconic villains in pop culture!!! This time the show will also include illustrations... rad! The final lineup will be: -TOYS- Antu Artwork • Bombermat • Cerrito • Circo • Kosmo Toys • Gabbie Baez • Greenbag Toys • HK • Hydra Toys • Juan Pablo Cambariere • Kalaka Toys • Koop • Legion Toys • Trucho Toys -ILLUSTRATION- Estudio Kudasai • Caveman • César Zanardi • Chai Vaisberg • Emy Mariani • Gonza Duarte • Jorge Lucas • Juan Angel Redondo • Juan Machado • Kaeru • Martín Laksman • Martín Varbaro • Pablo Vigo • Patricio Oliver • Tin Machado • Sael. The facebook event page is HERE so be sure to check it out and it's going to launch on Friday, June 9th in Buenos Aires, Argentina - be on the lookout for a recap soon!

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