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RxSeven's "King of Hearts" Custom Dunny & Special Announcement!

Always impressive artist RxSeven, also known as SE7EN, reveals his latest custom, a 20-inch tall Dunny titled "King of Hearts" that uses Otto Bjornik's production "Reyna" as the base. According to RxSeven, this piece "was conceived whilst in Philadelphia at The Mothership Gallery, a week before the inaugural Five Points Festival in New York." Having arrived in Philly without any of his supplies, the artist "had no intentions in taking on a huge project with so little time, but things were said, imaginations ran wild, and I tackled this creation with a lot of ambition and no time", happening a lot "like most things in my life do… synchronized by the cosmos."
"It took 4 days to complete this massive piece", RxSeven admits, stating that while other "artists were teasing info and companies promoting for the weekend, I found myself in the basement of the gallery working hard like an elf at Santa’s toy shop the night before Christmas." Spending his nights exploring Philadelphia, he decided that he "wanted to make something that would tie this custom to the store" so he conceived the scythe accessory: "it's a part of Philly and most importantly its a part of the gallery", having been taken from a tree directly outside of Mothership Gallery's location.
"As far a selling my creation", RxSeven explains, "I thought it would be fitting to hold a month long raffle so people can see it and appreciate the thought and struggle behind the piece." And by raffle he doesn't mean a lottery to win a chance to buy this piece, it is literally a buy an affordable ticket and one winner will receive the piece for no extra charge! The reason being, according to RxSeven, that this way "people with small budgets have a chance at owning my favorite custom up to date."
Moreover, this raffle is a special one to the artist because of the date it ends: July 7th, 2017 (7/7/17) at 7:07pm Eastern time. Not only is this the the date when the winner of the "King of Hearts" piece will be announced, it is also when RxSeven'll be "opening the doors to my new art gallery/studio 7oz Gallery in Tacoma, WA in conjunction with Beware Coffee." Speaking of the gallery, he specifies that this date will be "a soft opening with food and beer", with an "official grand opening show [that] will announced later this year."

You can get raffle tickets for the "King of Hearts" piece in RxSeven's store and at the Martian Toys's online shop, with the artist also planning to release customs throughout the month that will give the buyers additional entries into the raffle! What a brilliant idea.

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