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LEO Sofvi Bouya's "Guzo Kaiju (Idola)" Available Online Now!

After a sell-out appearance at the Shiryousei Expo, artist LEO Sofvi Bouya's roughly 10½-inch tall "Guzo Kaiju", sometimes styled as "Guzo Kaijyu" and meaning "Idol Monster", returns in the picture renditioned. Apparently titled the "Idola" version, the red base gives a really makes the vibrant sprays pop off of it. Cast in soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi), with a reversable head element (shown below), a small number of these are being offered by online lottery now through the artist's Instagram page. Interested collectors have until May 10th, 2017 at 10am Pacific time to enter the drawing to win the option to buy one of these 40,000 (approx. $354) plus shipping.

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