Etc Toys announces "Luke Skywalter" release!!!

The prefect release on the perfect day... why yes, yes indeed! A mix of Breaking Bad with Star Wars brings us "Luke Skywalter" a rad new bootleg figure from Etc Toys! With the title "Meth Wars: The DEA Strikes Back"... you really can't go wrong, hahaha! Releasing HERE on Thursday, May the 4th at 5pm PST for $60 each, the figures came together as a collaboration with - Card art by Tim Baron, Paint apps by Lord Chaos Creations, and Card production by Junkfed! There is no word on how many there are of each - and as you can see... there is the Walter White version as well as the Heisenberg version - but you can guarantee that no matter how many are produced, these will sell out super fast!

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