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ThreeA enters Tabletop Wargaming with… WWRt!

"Everyone thought the 't' stood for 'tabletop' or 'tiny'", admits a mysterious 3AA member through his voice distortion box, referring to the long-rumored "WWRt" line from Ashley Wood and threeA. "Imagine our surprise when the teaser image was released and it ended up meaning 'T-Scale'!" which is the smallest mass-produced to-scale size at 1/450th. As the above-pictured image reveals, the first release in this "World War Robot" spin-off series will be a rendition of the "Bertie" bot, with 10 of the tiny pieces situated on a 1" wide base! But is the base just for display purposes? "That's the best part", our insider excitedly weezed, "these will be a tabletop wargame" — like Warhammer — "allowing for regiments of robot miniatures to battle one another! There will even be a rulebook!" And to manipulate a famous (already paraphrased) quote: Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules! We just need those sweet, tiny robots!

Please Note: Happy April Fool's Day! The above post is a joke and in no way reflects — to the best of our knowledge — anything that is actually occurring.

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