Celebrate 10 Years of 3A with the "Deep Powder Bramble MK2 R1"!

It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since ThreeA released the "Bramble Mk2", the original Ashley Wood big bot. With over 40 points of articulation, this rotund robot carved a new definition of what designer toys could be. And to celebrate its 2008 release, this piece of World War Robot history is being revisited and evolved into the "Deep Powder Bramble MK2 R1". And within the WWR story, the "R1 is a single engine unit built for agility and speed which features crucial upgrades to the Bramble's armor with plated dual blast shields located on each arm and a choice selection of weaponry for distance and close-quarters combat", factors that allowed it to "play a crucial role as first line of defense in the Deep Powder Corps". Created in 1/6th scale and standing roughly 14-inches tall, each "Deep Powder Bramble MK2 R1" features 40+ points of articulation and comes equiped with a Parallel Killmate Shotgun, two Twin Pistols, two Dual Arm Plated Shields, an Engine Pack, and four fabric pouches. Available exclusively from Bambaland.com, this means that you'll need to be a 3AA member to purchase one (as per the warning we gave), these will be available to pre-order starting on May 15th, 2018 for $320 (worldwide shipping included).

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