Tenacious Toys x Rampage Toys - Rainy Day Revenge Kesagake & Gold Sparkle Cyclops Dinos!!!

Tenacious Toys has announced their second monthly release of Rampage Toys exclusive products with the following: 11-inch "Rainy Day Revenge" Kesagake with GID Omake ▪ the Gold Sparkle Cyclops Dinos 3-piece set (pteroclops, protoceraclops & plesioclops). Both selections this month are blank (unpainted) and available in limited quantities. The Gold Sparkle Cyclops Dinos were produced in the same gold sparkle soft vinyl base as last month's Uglier Unicorn and Shaggy Little Unicorn. Cyclops Dinos Set features three 3.5 inch long (9cm) figures. Each set is $35 and comes bagged. The Robo-Bear (Kesagake) is a gorgeous translucent blue, and his little omake (victim) is glow in the dark. Rainy Day Revenge Kesagake is 11 inches (28cm) tall and comes with a 2 inch (5cm) victim. They are $250 and come bagged with header card. Preorders for both items are available HERE now but only until May 5th. After that, preorders close, items are marked SOLD OUT and Tenacious starts shipping roughly a week or 2 later!

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