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BlackBook Toy: Thailand Toy Expo Vol.1!!!

Blackbook Toy is excited to announce their exclusives for Thailand Toy Expo(May 4th-7th)... and with them, they enlisted the help of Kenth Toy Works and Marvel Okinawa for a ton of amazing hand painted releases! First up... and the one that caught our eye is that BEAST of a beast above... the Mishka x Lamour Supreme: "The Beast" painted by Marvel Okinawa - 7 points of articulation(head, arms, hands and legs). High play values as you can make his “Eye Ball” side or “Cyco Simon” side of his head displayed. Standing 13.4” tall, this 2nd release will be at BBT booth (D7) and will be limited to just 10 pieces!

Also... all those customs above... One-offs by Marvel Okinawa, and One-offs by Kenth Toy Works! “Stained Glass” Kiss My Ass and Deathead S’murk along with a Anatomical Big Boner - Half bone and half meat by Kenth! From Marvel Okinawa: MC Fat Sheriff, Sugar Skull, Oil Smurk, HARDCORE Chopper, Convict M, Ode to Ripper, LA RAT, Convict A, and Convict D - WOW!

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