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Shifty Toy X Planet-X - Mecha Goliathon "Copper 1.5" Lottery!!!

Here we go... the announcement we have been waiting for since we first posted the teaser HERE... the Shifty Toy collaboration with Planet-X as Shifty tackled the Mecha Goliathon figure in what he is calling the "Copper 1.5" edition! Releasing via lottery sale... that starts now for 48 hours!!! To enter the lottery send an email to shifty@shiftytoys.com with the following info: Email title - MG 1.5 • Name/Address/telephone number/Paypal Address/Instagram ID - Enter the lottery only once! The price, if picked to purchase, will set you back $285 - and each purchase will come with one Mecha Goliathon as well as an alternative head design based on Kwele Gorilla mask! There are only 5 pieces available, please note that the ones pictured are for reference only, due to the nature of the colorway and weathering they are all pretty unique. Best of luck to all who enter - this is AWESOME!

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