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Sekure D × PLT Toys's "Coolie High" One-Off Piece!

PLT Toys's newest soft vinyl piece is "Coolie High", a rather rough-hewn, grotesque man and his bulldog companion. And, in a very uncharacteristic turn, artist Sekure D has painted the pictured one-off version! Coated in a combination of matte and metallic pinks, purples, and candy reds before being finished off with some bone-colored and black highlights, this airbrushed style is definitely a departure for Sekure D… but an excellently executed one. And one we can expect to see more of from him. "I am loving using the airbrush", admits the artist, "and am really getting into the use of metallics because of how much easier it is than when you brush them on". We suspect this will be a key piece in Sekure D collections, as he admits that we can "definitely expect [for him] to bring this influence on over to my western customs." Available on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 3am Pacific time in the artist's online shop, this unique piece will cost $250.

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