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Eternians: New line of 80's inspired PAPER toys!

"Eternians" is a new line of downloadable, printable figures from artist Alex Gwynne of 'Fold Up Toys'. The line is inspired by 80’s action figures, with chunky proportions and rippling muscles. The figures include removable weapons and accessories, standing around 3.5" tall when printed onto an A4 page. New models will be released in the line every week!

Currently the Eternians line features fan art of the He-Man franchise but will be covering other fandoms in the future including TMNT, Ghostbusters and many original characters that feel right at home alongside their 80’s action counterparts. The designer, Alex Gwynne has been hard at work creating a large range of toys to make sure a weekly release schedule can be maintained. The Eternians projects will be running for at least the next 6 months and if the line proves popular will continue production into the future. You can check out the Eternians toys HERE... so much fun!

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