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Bwana Spoons announces self produced "Jungle Boogie Steven" pre-order!

Bwana Spoons is super excited to announce a brand new iteration of his Steven figure, and with it, a little back story as Bwana explains, "Jungle Boogie Steven arrived this morning. So cute and folky fugly. In 2005 this was my very first toy, thanks to Super7 which wasn't their very first toy, but pretty close! Now, so many years later, Steven is here again, this time sculpted and produced by me. Full (oddly shaped) circle." The "Jungle Boogie" Steven is available for pre-order HERE right now, a sweet little 'Mixed Parts' Jungle Boogie. Here’s how this will work. If Bwana gets under 50 orders, he will keep him to 2 colors... a greeny green, and an olive green. Over 50 orders... and Bwana will get some watermelon swirl parts, and if the orders are over 75 pieces, some trans purple with gold glitter flakes. The entire order is being capped at 100 pieces... so don't delay, head on over to get your order in!

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