You know Toblerone, but do you know the Boba Fett themed "Boblerone"?

I think everyone knows that distinctive triangular prism shape of the Swiss chocolate bar Toblerone, but now lovers of that iconic candy can enjoy a Star Wars themed "Boblerone"! Inspired by the appearance and coloration of Boba Fett's Mandalorian helmet, this wonderful work was designed by Tattoo Dave and produced in non-edible resin by Made by Cooper. Standing 2⅘-inches tall and 3¼-inches wide, there is a lack of the iconic ding on the top of helm… though it definitely has some battle worn dents on the base, mimicking the look of being torn free from bar! Available to pre-order now from Tattoo Dave's online shop, these £25 (approx. $30) apiece works will begin shipping in April.

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