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Scott Tolleson teases new "Kappa" yokai sofubi figure!!!

A post shared by @seriouslysillyk on
And just like that... a new figure is being birthed for Scott Tolleson. Teaming up with the talents of Seriouslysillyk, once again, they are working on a brand new sculpt for a soon to be released sofubi figure. Based on old Japaneese cryptozoology, the yokai known as a "Kappa" are some of the most common creatures known in this folklore, and honestly, we can't think of a cuter version of said figure. If you follow Scott on Instagram, you can see that he has been working on multiple sketches of this figure... and landed on one that he liked enough to have Kathleen start sculpting! Obviously, this is still in the beginning stages, but we can't wait to see/follow the progress of this... who else is excited?!?!

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