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Ian Ziobrowski announces HUGE NUGGLIFE drop for tomorrow!!!!

After a few bumps in the road with Ian Ziobrowski's 'NUGGLIFE' Winter release, everything has finally arrived for their first drop of 2017... toys, apparel, and more... here's a list of everything that will be up for grabs HERE starting tomorrow -Friday, March 3rd at 4:20pm EST!

The most exciting clothing item of their Winter 2017 collection has finally arrived... these 2 pieces truly encapsulate what they're trying to do with the brand. Whether it's vinyl customs, art collectibles or cut & sew clothing, it all comes down to the details. Grey Quilted edition - ($85) features a quilted pattern throughout the entire hoodie, with a navy blue liner. The inside of the pockets and hood feature our Nugg Check fabric as well as the elbow patches. On the left side of the chest is an embroidered set of trimmers for... well...you already know. Black edition - ($70) features our signature Nugg Check fabric inside the hood of the sweat shirt, and a NUGGLIFE leather embossed logo patch. (Each one is a limited run of 100 pieces in various sizes)

"Tree Fort Gro-Op" - ($1800) Completely built from scratch, this Tree Fort is like no other. Fully capable of producing several units per season, Nugg's has created one of his most efficient growing facilities yet. Running off a 9 Volt battery and 4 LED lights to grow your precious ladies, all your supplies fits perfectly, including a sampling area for tasting the delicious cured treats. On the left side is a smaller germination room for start up. On the right side is a small area for an outdoor plant or 2. Standing about 17" tall and about 10" wide, this is Ian's biggest Nugglife sculpture to date. When purchasing you do have the choice of selecting one of three characters (NUGGS, SMOKY or WAXY) for no extra charge.

"Smoky's Cruise" - ($400) Something Ian misses the most in the summer is a quiet boat ride on a beautiful day. Just chilling, roasting one down and enjoying life to the fullest. This sculpture is inspired by that experience, except Smoky gets to enjoy it this time. Made from scratch the dimensions are 5W" x 4.5L" x 3.5H" - Smoky and the boat are removable as well as a few of the accessories.

"NUGGS" - ($50) Nothing like hanging with some ladies and baking out the growroom. This is all Nuggs does. After all, he is the most infamous grower in NUGGLIFE. - 4" x 4" inch acrylic on wood.

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