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"Darby - The Fixer" from Huck Gee!

"A born and raised Blackwadlian, Darby went to grammar school with Flynn and the other Dapper Scoundrels. When the first war broke out he signed up for a stint in Her Majesty's Crown Forces as an infantryman. With a keen wit and a canny sense of where not to be, he proved himself on the field and eventually worked his way into the armored division, making a name for himself as a halfway decent DAME pilot. After the battle of Brut, he left the service, returning to Blackwater with a pocket full of military supply contacts and started a lucrative black market business running goods up and down the coast. You want it and it aint nailed down, he can get it for you. Hell, even it it is nailed down, he can probably get you the floorboards too.

And when the steel rations hit, Darby happened to be one of the more reliable sources for hard to find bike parts. Flynn and him have had their differences over the years but Darby's generally a reliable chap... and besides, he can get those parts."

New from Huck Gee, "Darby - The Fixer" - his latest custom resin art multiple... and we absolutely love this guy! Darby stands roughly 7.5" tall, comes signed and numbered, and is limited to 10 pieces worldwide! As you can see in the photos, not only do you get the great figure, but Darby comes with the crates, their contents, and a seagull... a full on display - badass! These are retailing for $875 + S/H. Anyone interested in adding this masterpiece to your collection, email sales@huckgee.com - and for those of you who do snag one... LUCKY!

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