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ON SITE - Angry Woebots × Silent Stage's "Panda King 3 Mini" Resin Release!!!

Our buddy, HaynMade, sent over some great photos from the opening event last week of the Angry Woebots and Silent Stage "Panda King 3 Mini" Resin Release!!! Originally posted about HERE, Woes brought with him 50 of each colorway for his special release in Hawaii. Along with the two colorway release, he had his wood prints and pins for sale. A pleasant surprise was that anyone who bought his colorway figs got a raffle ticket to win a free 4" "Polar" hand painted custom (pictured above). Everyone had their eyes set on that bad boy! It was nice to see Mr. Woes, he even jumped on the turntables and did some spinnin' for the fans! Much aloha to Lightsleepers for hosting and putting on the event... and much aloha to HaynMade for the great photos and recap. Hit up his Flickr HERE for the entire album!

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