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Dan Tanenbaum's "Watch Parts Custom Dunny Series" from Kidrobot!

Toronto-based artist Dan Tanenbaum has been creating assemblage works out of pocket watch parts since 2010. Known mainly for using pocket watch parts, he shifting gears into designer toys this past summer. Having been approached by a friend who wanted a Dan Tanenbaum modified Dunny, this request proved to be Tanenbaum's first exposure to the designer toy world. Encouraged by David Schlesinger of Corner12, Tanenbaum began carefully crafting more, ultimately offering a variety of his fantastic steampunk creations at DesignerCon. Not only did his masterful work catch our eye, it also seems to have captured the attention of Kidrobot themselves, who will be releasing Tanenbaum's "Watch Parts Custom Dunny Series". With the average piece in this collection taking over 50 hours to complete and using 100s of vintage watch parts, it's our understanding that six different 3-inch tall Dunny designs and two 5-inch versions will be offered in this series, which is scheduled to release on February 21st, 2017 at Kidrobot.com. Based on past releases, we're assuming the release time will be 9am Pacific time.

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