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Buff Monster announces his massive “Mister Melty” and "Melt With Me" exhibit!!!

Last week, we showed off HERE a nice little teaser -or a taste- of a brand new high-impact resin and fiberglass “Mister Melty” figure from Buff Monster... and today, we learn more about it as well as some other info about an upcoming show that will feature even more meltiness! Above... you can see this new sculpture, one that has been in the works for over a year, and marks the first larger sculpture by Buff Monster. This newly-sculpted character stands 24” tall and features a smooth, glossy white finish. Limited to an edition of just 6 pieces plus 2 AP(artist proofs), these will retail for $5,000... anyone interested should contact Dana Dynamite: danadynamite@buffmonster.com - look at that scale... so cool!

On top of that... a brand new show from Buff... "Melt With Me." The show is a culmination of over a year of explorations in sculpture, from the smooth sexy large scale pieces to the gritty smaller concrete ones (Made from several kinds of concrete... Each sculpture has been cast by hand in Buff's LES studio and will be available in two sizes: 5” and 7.5”). The show is taking place at a great location right near Buff's studio... a spot that he's wanted to use for a long time! “Mister Melty” has become an icon and symbol of the Meltiverse. He’s confident, eternally optimistic and blissfully unaware of his certain fate. His one eye represents a singular (optimistic) worldview. At his worst, he’s one of us; at his best, he’s aspirational. Presented above in concrete and high-impact resin and fiberglass, he’ll maintain his melty state forever. There will also be large scale paintings on hand as well... a must if you are in the area!

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