Rotofugi announces new 'Eeensy Charms' and they are ADORABLE!!!

Just when you thought plush couldn't get smaller... it's "eeensy charms" from Rotofugi! These tiny, fully embroidered plush micro figures, are puffy and soft and feature a loop with a sturdy snap button so you can and hang them on all kinds of things... just fold, snap and hang! Perfect for keyrings since the small soft charm adds style without bulk and won't poke you in the leg!

They are debuting two series. The first, designed by Shawn Smith of Shawnimals and it features five different wee ninjas... Macho Ninja, Business Ninja, Pink Ninja, Zombie Ninja and Cookie Ninja! The second series, by JM Somers and features five different elements, each a little under the weather... Fried, Rainblow, Twist, Zap and Loonie! One random eeensy charm in each blind box, $4.95 each... Oh, they also included a removable ball chain with each eensy charm in case the loop isn't big enough to wrap around whatever it is you're trying to hang onto - be it a zipper, a backpack or purse strap. Head on over HERE to grab them now!

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