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*REVIEW* 1000 toys x Takayuki Takeya - "Joumon Kugutu Enzi" 1:6 (1/6th Scale)!!!

Last year at ToyCon UK 2016 I was lucky and privileged to get a look at an early version of the Joumun Kugutu (Enzi) figure from 1000 toys and sculpted by the incredible talent of Takayuki Takeya. For many reasons I found this figure to be incredibly hypnotic and I spent as much time as I could at a really busy event getting as many pictures as I could. I think one of the main reasons this figure stood out for me is that it was on a stand alongside the stunning clean lines of other figures from the team at 1000 toys like the Synthetic Human range of figures and the Mechatro WeGo (reviewed HERE).

The team at 1000 toys are on a consistent roll with their productions and the combination of their team and the talents of artists of the calibre of Takayuki Takeya can be nothing else but utterly mesmerizing and this is what you get with the Joumun Kugutu figure. The level of articulation and the stunning characterisation are utter genius with the team at 1000 toys bringing wave after wave of ideas and inspiration to every product they release.

Over and over again I find myself discovering things about this figure I didn’t notice before and there are always questions I want to ask. What does the ball represent? Why does this figure have a clear mask? OMG the eyes light up….why? And all this comes after you almost get used to the heart stoppingly detail and finish that has been applied to what I am going to describe as the carapace or shell of this figure.

The level of detail and the thought that has gone into the paint finish and application on the Enzi figure takes this into another level entirely.I am far from the traditional 1/6th collector and the only range I know well is the range of figures from 1000 toys, but I find it hard to see how anyone hardcore or new to the scene would be disappointed when adding this to their collection. Articulation, balance and poise are all here in abundance as they are with all the other figures from this range and there are also additional hands and props. Pre orders for the Joumon Kugutu Enzi figure start around the middle of February - keep your eyes on the 1000 toys for more details.

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