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Retroband wants you to "Dump Trump"... the "movement" you have been waiting for!!!

Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys has been teasing a seriously funny new release the past few days, and it's very fitting seeing as the state of things in the USA are kinda wonky right now. The whole "Dump Trump" movement (pun intended) has come to a head (pun also intended)... and in this case, the head is part of a steaming pile! Cast in brown resin and releasing on Saturday the 28th of January... Chinese New Year... at 12pm CST.

This bagged w/ header carded figure will retail for $25 each. Proceeds go to several organizations that combat everything the new POTUS is trying to take away... and the best part, you can choose what organization you want to support. Get a sh*tty figure (we say that with the utmost respect), support a noble cause... win/win! Head on over HERE to grab one at the above date and time!

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