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AVAILABLE NOW: Fools Paradise's "Lowfool vs Lowfool : Inner Enemies"!!!

Bitter enemies? Frenemies? Buddies? Do we really know anymore what type of relationship Batman and Superman have?!?! Well... if you look at the latest release from Fool Paradise, it looks like the competition is heating up big time! Introducing "Lowfool vs Lowfool : Inner Enemies"... the second part follow up to the previously released "Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Conflict" (posted HERE)! We now see Batman rocking that joystick and buttons as he dominates his favorite arcade game "Fools Fighter II"! Sitting over 10" tall and limited to 398 pieces... this massive vinyl figure is up for grabs HERE right now for $255 a pop... and if you have the previous version, below is a great way to display them... going head to head in a heated battle... who will win?!?!

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