REVEALED: Jason Freeny & Mighty Jaxx's "XXRay" Justice League, Wave 6!

Furthering their interpretations of DC Comics's Justice League of America members (and nemeses), Mighty Jaxx have unveiled the sixth wave of their officially licensed pieces in the JLA "XXRay" line. Depicting Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, and Reverse-Flash, each of these 4-inch tall PVC pieces has been designed in a cartoonish manner by illustrator Ben Qwek and sculptor Adam Tan with the quarter-cut dissection element courtesy of Jason Freeny. Not scheduled for release until Spring of 2017, we can still marvel at these works now…
Lex Luthor first appeared in Action Comics #23 (April 1940), a charismatic inventor & scientist who is intent of ridding the world of the alien superhero Superman. Contrary to a simple black-and-white world reasoning, Luthor's motives have been revealed over the years to be based on his belief that Superman poses a threat to the very existence of humanity. Pictured above is Luthor in his Warsuit, a high-tech battle suit giving him enhanced strength, flight, and advanced weaponry, among other capabilities.
Originally a strange mingling of Batman and Robin Hood, billionaire businessman Oliver "Ollie" Queen is an archer who, under the guise of Green Arrow, uses his skills to fight crime in his home cities of Star City and Seattle, as well as alongside his fellow superheroes as a member of the Justice League.
Reverse-Flash is a name which has been used by several speedster villains over the years, all being enemies and foils of the Flash.

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