It's "Bartmania" from PHX!!!

PHX, the native L.A. mashup masterminds, have reimagined iconic Bart Simpson in 3 bootleg styles. In honor of Mr. Sparkle, Bart is stylized in Harajuku form as "Banzai Bart". In homage to Rene Magritte, Bart becomes "Son of D'oh". In an ode to the film A Clockwork Orange, Bart is dressed in full droog attire in "A Clockwork Bart". 3 styles and only 3 of each ever made. At $85 a pop, they won't last. But hey, you can always shred with the "Skate or Die" Bart soft enamel pin. Only 100 made. This classic bad boy stands 1.5" tall and definitely screams "eat my shorts". Hahaha, good stuff... head on over HERE right now to snag these up!

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