InstincToy's "Liquid+Stage" lotteries for three colorways!

There are three versions of the new "Liquid+Stage" release available, limited to edition of 150 in each colorway, though most have been sold at various events earlier this year… leaving only 20 pieces in each version available! The "Liquid" design was originally meant to strictly be a cellphone strap figure, but demand made InstincToy consider how to make it its own release… and the result was creating an innovative stand for the piece to reside in and show off its reversible structure! The three versions available are the red GID "Volcano", the green GID "Phantom", and the blue GID "Iceberg"! With fans eager to get their hands on the remaining copies, they will be sold by a lottery system — meaning you can submit your name to a lottery drawing, and — if selected — you will be allowed to buy one or more of the colorways. You can enter the lottery now through December 18th, 2016 at 6:59am Pacific time HERE, winners expected to pay ¥2500 ($25) apiece.

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