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Uamou Exclusives, Coming to DCon in One Week!!

Studio Uamou has started releasing blog articles about the goodies they are bringing to DCon, and boy will Uamou fans be excited!! Yes, I'm drooling over here! What's exciting about this year's set of releases is that they feel even bigger and bolder than last year's set, and last year was already pretty epic. To start with, this year there will be a release of four different Big Uamous! Two will be painted by Goto-san, in a dual shaded galaxy style paint (blue or red highlights), a hand painted version by Ms Ayako herself, in a camoflauge style, and then an early release of a new Turquoise colorway (this means that you can get this colorway after DCon either in the shop or online, so no fear if you can't make it to DCon!).
For those who want something smaller, there are plenty of the regular sized Uamous available. There is a new release of the Tengu Uamous - previous editions have had more subdued figure colors like white, black, or glow in the dark, so the new bold colors in bronze, gold, blue, silver, hot pink are a nice addition. A new galaxy version by Goto-san will be available as well! Finally, a new masked uamou is available too - splatter paint body, cat like eyes. Very cool!
And for those looking for a little something out of the ordinary, there will be some never before released figures for the US market! For example, Bath Time Uamou! Previously this was only made for a show in Tokyo but now there will be a limited number of them here for DCon! These Ms Ayako painted figures come in a matching tiny bathtub! There will also be a first release of two new Mao Mao colorways (these look glow in the dark, actually, which is pretty exciting!). We also get our first mini Devil Uamou and Boo set (previously only available online).
One last fun release - plush boo! These handmade plushes sell out everytime they are released at the Uamou Atelier shop and now we get a Boo release in the US. Woo! Looking forward to whatever else Uamou will be releasing! Stay tuned for more coverage here, and check out their booth 1004 this coming weekend at DCon!

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