Star Weird: Boba (cas) Sette by Topztoy for Complex Con!!!

DKE has announced limited artist edition figures for COMPLEX CON which runs this coming weekend in Long Beach, California November 5th and 6th and DKE Toys will be in Booth #J11. One of the most striking releases DKE are taking with them is the Star Weird: Boba (cas) Sette from Topztoy.

I have been a fan of Topztoy and watching him create his amazing and striking art toys for a couple of years now and his work continues to grow and make an increasingly strong mark on a wide and varied range of art toys created in Thailand and beyond. There are a growing number of really strong artists working together in Thailand and I am working on a post about the range of toys and styles that are emerging all the time from this incredible and vibrant country.

Topztoy from Thailand has come up with an edition of 20 of our favorite bounty hunter encased in a cassette tape? Maybe this technology is better than a good old carbon freeze? This large hunk of hand poured resin is approx 3.75" tall and comes carded with resealable blister. Maybe you can get it to play in your tape deck. Thawan Khiowpiam is a Thailand based artist and graphic designer who has been making custom art figures under the name Topztoy (Topztoy.storenvy.com) since 2013. in 2014 he organized the "Toy-want-you" art toys exhibition in Bangkok.  He also created the Facebook community group "Art Toys Thailand"!

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