Kevin Luong × Munky King's "Kitty Sutra" in TWO Versions for DCon!

Whoa! We've been patiently waiting for Kevin Luong's gorgeous "Kitty Sutra" vinyl figure from Munky King to be released in a painted version, and now there won't be just one but TWO available in the aftermath of DesignerCon! Based on one of the most memorable images from Luong's Kitty Sutra zine, which features a dozen artistic feline-on-feline, Kama Sutra-inspired poses, two full versions will be available at this year's DesignerCon — and beyond, we hope! If you recall from our review of this release, the cats are interchangeable so that acquiring a litter of them can result in all sorts of fun combos! Available from Munky King's DCon Booth #435, there's no news how many copies of each will be on-hand so I wouldn't delay getting there early just in case!

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