Igor Ventura's "Desperate Housewife" Custom Dunnys for his "Art Of War Rejects!"

This year's DesignerCon is filled with a huge assortment of delightful goodies (and a couple of pins), but Igor Ventura's the "Art Of War Rejects" blind boxed series has truly captured our hearts… Ventura was part of Kidrobot's 2014 "Art of War" Dunny series, having submitted various designs for possible inclusion. And now it's time for those designs to see the light of day as hand-modified and hand-painted works of art! In addition to specially handmade versions of his "Geek Force" 3-inch Dunny design that was produced, this series so far consists of the "Wobbly Dunny," "Prankish Knight," and "Albino Chameleon," and "Bankruptcy!" customs, with the fifth reveal being the pictured "Desperate Housewife" Dunny! She might be holding a rolling pin, but I doubt she's been baking you cookies… Available this weekend, on November 19th and 20th while supplies last, at the Martian Toys DCon booth #1722 for $150 per blind box, with one very special box containing a Golden Ticket for a customized 5-inch Dunny!

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