Furry Feline Creatives for DesignerCon 2016!!!

The folks over at Furry Feline Creatives have some really fun exclusives for DCon 2016... and above is just a taste of what you can come to expect from their booth #1625! Poop Monster "Candy Corn" Edition will retail for $30 each, Poop Monster "Sakura Unchi" Editon will retail for $30 a pop... both stand 2" x 2" all hand-painted, hand-cast resin kaiju version of poop... delicious! Also, some Holiday Dingleberry Ornaments (set of two • Light and Dark Brown) for just $15! These are handmade 3" plush ornaments with a real bell that is normally found hanging on the hairs of... well... it's perfect to hang anywhere especially for your Christmas tree!

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