Whoa! Berwanger's Exorcism Rock album with action figure by… Retroband!

The upcoming Berwanger sophomore outing, the Exorcism Rock album, already has a bevy of beautiful vinyl versions available to preorder, but there is one major edition that has yet to be made available… an "action figure variant" version including an original piece by Retroband's Aaron Moreno! As teased through an exclusive 'early progress' picture (above) and interview on the Modern Vinyl blog, this release will feature the art piece affixed to the vinyl LP's cover, using the album's jacket as an over-sized backing card. Regarding how the process worked, band frontman Josh Berwanger states that "Aaron came up with the idea [for the figure's design] and then we just talked together on how it should look and the colors used for it," noting that "the main point of the figure was it has to be part of the cover art, not just some random figure on a cover that doesn’t coincide with the art." Berwanger continues to explain that the process began "once the cover art was set," allowing him and Moreno to talk "about what we could do concept-wise that would fit the cover art, as well as musical themes and lyrics throughout the album." Available on Halloween (October 31st, 2016) at 10am Pacific time on Berwanger's online store, these will be very limited and more teasers will be revealed on Berwanger's Instagram feed before the release.

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