*Review* Winson Ma's JUNGLE 6" DIY FIGURE!!!

Finally have one in my hands and it’s really a very nice platform indeed. This is a quality DIY piece from Winson Ma and there have already been many artists who have put there own spin on it, I am sure there will be many more to come. Personally I have a bit of a thing for plain white vinyl as well, and this stands up by itself without any decoration needed if that’s what you prefer.

As always I can see way more detail when I have the piece up close and there are some nice touches on this figure with attention being paid to things like finger nails and the face which has classic Winson Ma characterisation and expression. The head, arms and hands all articulate with the rest of the body being a single fixed piece.

I always put DIY vinyl into hot water before I take it apart (having learned the hard way with some early KR disastrous rips) - and this came apart easily having been in regular hot tap water after about 5 minutes. Also it popped back together without any trouble as well, if necessary a quick blast with a hair dryer would soften up the sockets enough to put this back together.

A stunning stand out piece from Winson Ma, joining his ever growing catalogue of world class work - if you don’t know Winson Ma’s work then go take a look around his website HERE and find out more.

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