*Review* Kokto from 1000 toys - TOA Heavy Industries - Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit!!!

The Kokto (GCA) figure from 1000 Toys takes the already successful and impressive Synthetic human and gives it a few twists. The main purpose of the Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit is to merge in seamlessly with the civilian population and operate covertly. This version I have here to review is the battle damaged version which might struggle to operate too covertly without the large hooded coat that this piece ships with.

The story continues with the synthetic human line in the form of this figure which has been despatched by TOA Heavy Industries to intercept and destroy any CaRB units that survived the battle with Anti-CaRB units and escaped to urban areas.

Many toys and figures I review are great, but this is superb - and the thought and design consideration that has been put into this piece is one of the many reasons that this figure stands out from the crowd. Clearly the synthetic human is really skillfully and carefully produced as always and the additional clothing and accessories which come with the GCA unit are manufactured to a high standard. All the details in the clothing are incredibly accurate from the fully working zip on the jacket to the quality of the design on the material of the costume as a whole.

The figure can stand on its own easily but I have also decided to use the stands created by Mr. Fink - mainly because they are the perfect stands for figures of this type. As you can see from the photos they make posing in all kinds of positions easier than many of the more regular commercially available stands from the larger companies. Get in touch with Scott Bellwood (aka Mr.Fink) for more details about the stands.

I think this one speaks to me more because I tend to be drawn towards anything that's outside the norm, and this guy is definitely outside of the norm in many ways. The figure comes with an electrically reinforced battle mace and prototype portable ballistic acceleration device for use in various combat situations. There is also a great selection of spare hands for different situations and to enable the GCA to hold different weapons. The hair is easily removed and gives the whole piece a different look completely when it’s not wearing the hair. There are so many possibilities with this figure and there are many hours of entertainment ahead. As always the joints are strong and hold in place whatever the position or pose, the hands pop on and off easily with quality manufactured pegs on the wrist joints making changing the hands simple and strong, without the worry that some other manufacturers figures have of snapping pegs.

This is a dark figure, but it’s a well made and incredibly well thought out dark figure which will not disappoint any collector.

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