Poposition Press announces Dcon booth with Junko Mizuno signing!!!

Poposition Press just announced that they are working with the factory to get a small number (approx. 50) of Standard Edition TRIAD books for a signing event with Junk Mizuno at DCon 2016... as well as blads of three spreads from the book: Serpent, Mansion and Tree. What's a blad, you say? Blad is a pop up industry term that means Basic Layout and Design and it's essentially a one page pop up spread with a cover - in this case it will be the same front cover as the standard edition with red foil TRIAD logo. If you saw or have any of the single pages from The Pop Up Art Book it's similar to those. Blads will be $20 at DesignerCon and are limited to 100 pcs of each.

Also - they will have enamel pins of your favorite drunk poop character from the Mansion spread! The Poop E. Jones pin will be available in two colors: gold metal with red enamel and silver metal with glow in the dark green! The pins are 1.5", limited to 150pcs each and will sell for $12 at DCON. They'll also have a copy of the TRIAD Special Edition book as well as the laser etched slipcases in both clear and smoke on display at the booth.

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