Amanda Visell's "Topsy Turvy Croc" Returns… in Resin?!?

Pictured above is one of my favorite Amanda Visell pieces, the 17-inch tall "Topsy Turvy Croc" wood work, but now she's reworked the design into a smaller form as pictured below on the left. Theoretically to be cast in resin with her partner Michelle Valigura, we anticipate this to be a handpainted limited edition release in the near future. Of course, the original work was accompanied by a little girl in the wide jaws on the beast, but this new version has its mouth closed… and we're guessing it will come with the teased naked lady pictured below on the right! Surely to be made available through Visell's myswitcheroo online shop, make sure you follow her on Instagram to be kept up-to-date on this release.

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