Tenacious Toys reveals Wave 4 & 5 of their NYCC 2016 exclusives!!!

NYC-based online art collectible retailer Tenacious Toys has revealed the next few waves of their numerous NYCC Exclusives... and when we say next few waves, prepare yourselves for the onslaught that is Tenacious!!! This wave includes the following pieces...

Big Step 1.5" resin figures by TobyArt. Tenacious Blue Edition, limited to 5, $7 each.

Touma Pico Mao Figure Tenacious Exclusive. 1.5" tall, limited to 50 pieces, $15 each.

Clear Blue Feeling Cocky by Rufus. 2" resin figure, 10 pieces, $35 each.

Zuurn Pin by ValleyDweller. 1" tall, limited to 10 in Tenacious Blue, $10 each.

Bart2-D2 3.5" tall resin figure by Forces of Dorkness. Limited to 15, $35 each.

Exclusive Dragonfire Bangagon by GUUMON. 8.5" tall, sofubi, limited to 5 pieces. $250.

Exclusive Rainbow Sparkle Daigomi by GUUMON. 8.5" tall, sofubi, limited to 5 pieces. $250.

Borts Burger figure by RenOne. Limited to 10, $60 each.

Night of the Comet Zombie Cop figure by RenOne. Limited to 10, $50 each.

Forces of Dorkness, GUUMON and RenOne will ALL be at Booth 309 in person at various times during the show (sporadically), so please stop by to meet them all! More NYCC Exclusive will be revealed daily in the run up to NYCC. All Exclusives will be posted on the Tenacious Toys NYCC 2016 page with the "Sold Out" designation. Any leftover items will be made available immediately after NYCC on that page.

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