VIDEO REVIEW: Kevin Luong × Munky King's "Kitty Sutra (DIY Edition)!"

Illustrator Kevin Luong does have a seemingly cat-centric career, having initially found success with his Burger Cats series before even greater popularity arose for his Kitty Sutra works, but we wouldn't have it any other way… Kitties are, bluntly put, his calling. Being fans of Luong's work, my wife and I had to get one of Munky King released "Kitty Sutra" vinyl sculptures. Having made a surprise debut in a DIY Edition at this year's SDCC, we were thrilled to hold one and learn all the pleasures it held… both obvious and secret. Did you know that the felines are easy to separate, made to mix-and-match? Yea, we didn't either. Watch our video review to learn more:

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