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Uamou Exclusives at Loft POPBOX Yokohama!

Studio Uamou returns to Loft's POPBOX in Yokohama! Loft is a large department store chain in Japan, and they started a series called POPBOX, which features local artists in a special section of the store for a period of time. When I was in Tokyo a few months ago I was really lucky to catch the POPBOX in Loft Shibuya, and during the weekend I was there they had live signings and paintings by Dan Kaiju and Konatsu! In addition to the live signings, artists will have a variety of customs, production items, and home trinkets for sale in those pop ups. Uamou had a collection of custom pieces at Loft Shibuya, and they will do it again for Loft Yokohama!
The customs that Uamou will be featuring is very familiar to Uamou fans - the star based pattern on Uamous and Bastards is a common POPBOX theme. These are almost always on solid color Uamous like white or black. In addition, there is a graffiti Uamou colorway. There will likely also be a handful of other accessories like phone charms or little Boos in addition to the customs, if the last POPBOX event was any indicator! Generally, you can purchase on site and take it away. The event starts Tuesday July 5th and will run through July 26th. If you're in the area, or have a friend there, this is a must see!

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