Robotic Industries x Sergey Safonov x Fugi.me -"Pirate Cosmonaut" Moon Foxes

The final batches of Moon Patrols have been completed by Sergey Safonov and Robotic Industries and will be hitting the Fugi.me store on the 1st of August at 6pm London time. Joining the Far Side colorway (by Sergey Safonov) and the Near Side colorway (by Robotic Industries) will be the extra limited "Space Pirate" versions (again by Robotic Industries)... and only 2 of which have been produced (Limited to 30 pieces total • 13 Near side version, Silver and Red • 15 Far side version, Black and Gold • 2 Space Pirate version). This expands the story of the brothers that patrol both sides of the moon in their 50’s inspired ships by introducing a villain to the story! The set includes the ship with separate dome, moon base with acrylic stand and of course a removable Moon Fox pilot. Priced at £60($78) plus shipping for all colorways. Beautiful crafted and expertly executed, don't miss out on this release.

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