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Cuteness overload... TobyArt Toys to release his "Kulfas" resin art toys!!!

"In late summer, the festival of Lithablot, (July31st - Aug1st) or The Harvest Festival, the Nordic people came together to make food offerings to Ertha for her bounty. Within days of these food offerings, out from the rocky caves come a unique creature called Kulfas (roughly translated to bunny wolfs). These playful, brightly colored; furry creatures, wake from hibernation to feed on the offerings in a seasonal glutonfest. Once believed to be magical creatures, sent to carry the offerings to the gods, these creatures are now known as scavengers with hibernation and feeding cycles, based off the Paganistic holidays. After a brief two week, feed and breed season, once they have eaten their fill they return to their homes in the caves to sleep till Yule." Created by artist TobyArt Toys, these cute little "Kulfas" will be up for grabs for just 2 weeks, August 1st - 14th... and standing 2" tall and made from resin and glass, pick yours up HERE starting on August 1st... super cute!!!

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